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Are you an attractive, confident, single woman with a good social circle of friends?  Career taking off? Yet, you haven’t found him. Why is that?

True, you’re a great catch, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can do this alone. It takes time to screen, and to communicate with potential candidates to find just the right One for you. There’s always online dating sites, but if they had rendered the results you seek, you would not be here.  Matchmaking is offline dating or face-to-face dating. It differs from online dating in many ways. We actually know who we’re dealing with. Clients verify their identity. There’s no hiding behind technology. We’ve discovered there’s a better way!

Off-line Dating Advantages

  • Pre & Post Date Feed-Back.
  • Team-Work & Support Until Just The Right Match Is Made Ultimately.
  • Personalized Concierge Services.

We provide date scheduling, post date feedback, and date coaching if needed. In addition, we advertise on clients behalf, attend events on clients behalf, and recruit outside of our database. Those are the major differences between private matchmaking and online dating. We guide your path to true love. Since your time is limited, let us handle your love portfolio.

You’ve been cruising our ads and wondering, if we’re a good fit for you? To help you find love? Take responsibility for how you’re showing up in life. We only accept women we feel we can help. Want to know more about us? How we’re different? Prepare for a smoother journey by joining us. We care about your happiness and sincerely want to help you find love!

A perfect mix of cooperation and inspiration is a powerful creation. We have always considered that the woman or man for you will bring out the best in you, makes you smile, and both will just know to seek complimentary energy.

There are Two Types of Men

  1. Thinker
  2. Sharer

Neediness is an experience that a man has with a woman who doesn’t make him feel good inside. A strong woman doesn’t need her needs met; she just wants them met.

A woman with a feminine energy needs to be seen for her radiance, inner beauty and grace if she is to bloom into a flower. Her true feminine essence is vibrant, healthy, and she has beautiful skin and a radiant smile.

What is feminine essence?

Every woman needs to understand what message her energy is sending.  Feminine essence is a dynamic quality that moves inside every woman. Men and women think differently, and therefore a gap is created. Let us bridge the gap.  We are passionate, successful and believe we can deliver what we promise, well, and have fun doing it. To learn more refer to our About page and Terms of Use.

Valentine's Day special giftOur Process is simple as 1, 2, 3

When you hire a Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Singles Relationship Coach, or Image Consultant we share our most private information. Matches By Design listens carefully to your relationship requirements, and we work hard to find the most compatible match.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consult, 1:1 date coaching, Get Date Ready, Life and Relationship coaching.

Once the interview is complete, we apply our keen sixth sense to help clients to find just the right fit. We then create a profile according to the information gathered in application and the interview. You will verify all information for accuracy before your profile is activated within our private registry.

We feel privileged you entrust us with finding your life partner. You might have chosen others and we want to supply you with an amazing partner. During a client’s search, we will first look within our private registry and network to find a match. If a client’s ideal match requires further search nationally or internationally, this will be done.

  • We respect your privacy. Your information will only be viewed by our matchmakers for the purposes of matching you with our clients, should you meet their relationship criteria.
  • Introductions are free. By submitting an application, you will be included into our private registry database. We provide a highly specialized service to clients in their search of love!
  • Emails are limited to two per month. Our matchmakers will respond minimally in two business days. As a member of our private registry you have the opportunity to be matched with one of our clients if you meet their requirements for a relationship. However we do not actively work to match you. You will be contacted once a match is made for an interview.

Schedule a complimentary consult and we will answer your questions. You may Schedule On-line.  Choose an available time slot and fill in your details. Call us on the scheduled date and time. All complimentary consults are conducted during Central Daylight Time hours USA whether it’s phone or Skype (for those outside the USA). 

Add Matches By Design to your life. What are you waiting for? Get Started and Find Your Match.

ALL INFORMATION IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Please fill this form out in its entirety. We recommend completing the form when you have access to your computer, as some users have experienced problems on some mobile devices. You may upload 1 – 3 photos. We prefer all photos of you only –no sunglasses, and with one being a full body shot. Please make sure all photos are taken within the last Six months. (The following file types only are allowed: .jpeg, gif, .tiff, or .png.) The more information you provide, the better we can serve you and properly screen and select your potential introductions! By completing this form, I agree to abide by the Terms of Use for Services, and certify all information I supply in this application to be True to the best of my knowledge. Confirmation of your successful submission will be displayed immediately in your browser. Thanks for your confidence in choosing us to find your partner! We are eager to serve you. Our Matchmaker will contact you shortly once we have processed your application.

We are passionate in our brand for love and relationships to provide our clients with the best services. Every opportunity to help others find love is of value, as we gain invaluable experience.

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