Lauren A., Texas USA

I am beyond thrilled with Shirl Hooper and Matches by Design!  I tried Match, eHarmony, and other local area dating agencies, and did not find anyone I was compatible with enough to go on a third date (if you’ve done the online thing, you know most of them don’t even pan out for a phone call).  I saw Shirl’s ad in a local hotspot e-mail and thought, “what do I have to lose?”  She suggested me to someone who agreed with her choice, and because they both thought it was a good match, I agreed.  He was someone I would not normally have even considered due to various factors, but I am SO GRATEFUL I decided to say yes!  Shirl took the time to really listen to my needs and wants, and put me in contact with a wonderful man who shares so much in common that it is like we have known each other for years (even though it’s only been 2 weeks)!  It is like she looked into her crystal ball and saw sparks, because that is what is happening!  If you just haven’t found that right one yet, let Shirl help you, and be open to new experiences if they come your way … you just may find the joy you have been looking for!

Lauren A., Texas, USA