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You have probably noticed there are many who claim to have all the answers, and it’s true there are many well-versed in relationships, love, and other matters of the heart. However as individuals, we tend to gravitate to those most like us, because this is what we feel most comfortable.

Most businesses or brands create their own audience in which to share their insights, passions, creativity, and inspiration.  And we hope our passion for love, relationships, and matters of the heart are to your liking and that you decide to become part of our community. We encourage you to share our articles with others. This gets the word out from a trusted friend.  What better way to bring happiness than helping provide a life partner for someone you care about?  This is our mission in life and our greatest passion.

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Shirl Hooper

Founder, Ceo

Carol Hooper

Adminstrative Assistant

Cheryl Wheelsr

Transformational Life Coach

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