Matches By Design’s Team

Shirl Hooper - Matches By Design®

Shirl Hooper, Chief Matchmaker, Email:

Shirl is a Certified Matchmaker, Singles Relationship & Life Coach.  As a published romance author, Shirl has a passion for love and relationships, and helping others find love.  She interviews, vets, and directs intake and on-boarding of new clients and members alike for our matchmaking and dating agency.

Carol Hooper - Administrative Assistant

Carol Hooper, Administrative Assistant, Email:

Carol is administrative assistant and facilitates the application process. She welcomes and communicates with new clients and members. Carol also coordinates date arrangements, intake of pre/post feedback, and assists Shirl in administrative tasks in matchmaking and coaching to insure a smoother process. Carol’s a ‘people person,’ very approachable and works well with others.

Cheryl Wheeler, MA, Transformational Life Coach, Email:

Cheryl believes there are infinite possibilities in emotional healing and life satisfaction. Consider working with her to increase your success in relationships.

Release Emotions and Behaviors that no longer serve a purpose, such as:

Anger/Anxiety, Depression, Betrayal, Narcissism, Abandonment, Fear/Stress, Childhood Wounds, Pornography, Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Infidelity & Trauma/PTSD.

Increase and Improve Positive Relationship Skills in Communication, Intimacy, Life Balance, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Forgiveness, Honesty, Time-Management, Sexual Self-Esteem, Respect, Financial Health, & Lovability.

Transform Frustration into Life Satisfaction. All sessions are individualized to your specific goal outcomes. Trained as a *counselor – psychotherapist, all services provided as Transformational Life Coach. Online HIPAA approved teleconference sessions, secure, confidential and never recorded.