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Why not make love easy? Take the guess work out of dating and for a more targeted approach to find the Catch of a lifetime …

  • Intake – Clients and Affiliates are interviewed and assessed to determine what type of partner or relationship is right for you. During this phase we ascertain your preferences, must haves, deal breakers, evaluate dating and relationship patterns and consider areas of improvement, and what the right relationship looks like. Generate a new approach to dating and meeting other people.
  • Benchmarks – Our next step in the process is to craft what each client’s specific search criterion is in order to focus the scope of the search for a partner to include professional and social indicators for the most highly compatible match.
  • Screening – The customized personal interview phase of our process helps to discover personality, value and belief system, emotional availability, body language, physical appearance, and physical attraction. Vetting includes careful and critical examination in the screening process to (screen, assess, evaluate and appraise), for the most highly compatible match. Here Singles/ Relationship coaching may play a part in getting the client or affiliate date ready. We act as your Personal and Love Concierge by making recommendations for matchmaking and/or coaching customized for each client specifically.
  • Presentation – We formulate a comprehensive presentation of affiliate information for the client to include recent photos, physical observations, and any additional notes from our matchmakers, for a more informed decision by the client.
  • Selection – Finally we reach the most exciting phase of the process, where client and affiliate meet on an arranged date in a suitable venue conducive to a successful outcome, leading to a second and third date. In this phase of the process chemistry, personality, lifestyle, education, similar interests are very important considerations in the matchmaking process.
  • Evaluation – After the date, our matchmakers follow up with both clients and affiliates about how the date went. In this phase any red flags are identified and addressed. Both clients and affiliates learn a lot about each other and themselves. The post-date feedback is used to improve future matches until ultimately the right match is made. We’ve discovered there’s a better way!

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We are passionate in our brand for love and relationships to provide our clients with the best services. Every opportunity to help others find love is of value, as we gain invaluable experience.

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