So you’re a sophisticated, attractive man, you know what you want, you take care of yourself, your career is taking off, you have a good social circle of friends, and yet you have not found “The One.” Why is that? True, you are a great catch, but do not be fooled into thinking you do not need help. It takes time to screen, and to communicate with potential candidates to find just the right One for you.

In order to create the life you want you must be aware of your true heart’s desire versus what you think you should want. Be careful not to close yourself off from your desire for a passionate relationship. Practice the art of creating space between your habitual response and  your heart’s response.

Consider this, there are male and female energies in each of us, yes, both genders! The masculine essence wants to experience itself as pure consciousness and emptiness. Men and women think differently, and therefore a gap is created. Let us bridge the gap to help you find the love you desire. For more information refer to our FAQs,  and Terms of Use.


Our Process is simple as 1, 2, 3 

We work closely with you to actually get to know you and learn what you’re looking for, this means simply that, our personalized matchmaking service, is steeped in an unparalleled commitment to excellence. When you hire a Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Singles Relationship Coach, or Image Consultant we share our most private information. We listen carefully to your relationship requirements, and we work hard to match you as closely as possible with the most compatible match. At Matches By Design, we believe, its equally important for us to develop a lasting, strong relationship with you inasmuch as it is for you to find the Right relationship. We care about your happiness and want to see you find and sustain the love you desire.

We’re pleased to announce our NEW Call Center to better serve you. We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consult, 1:1 date coaching, Get Date Ready, Life and Relationship coaching. We can help more specifically once we have interviewed the client or member, before we can apply our keen sixth sense with helping the client or member to find just the Right relationship to meet their requirements. Once this has happened, we will supply the client or member with a profile application and request three recent photos, one of which is a full body shot. We create your profile according to the information we garner in meeting with the client or member and place this information along with notes and observations during the intake and vetting process. Much goes into the Matchmaking process, and much more goes on behind the scenes as there is a great deal of information, observations,and variants, in determining the client’s requirements in a relationship.

We feel privileged you entrust us with finding your unique life partner. We will keep all information strictly confidential. We know you might have chosen others and want to give you just exactly what you are looking in an amazing partner to go the distance. We will search within our private registry and network first to find Her, however if your perfect catch requires further search nationally or internationally, that’s no problem!

  • We respect your privacy. Your information will only be viewed by our matchmakers for the purposes of matching you with members of our private registry pool or network.  As a paid services client, we work to match you with someone who meets your requirements in a relationship.
  • Payment in full required on joining. Sorry, no refunds. We provide a highly specialized service to all our clients in your search for love!
  • Emails are determined by your Membership. Our matchmakers will respond as soon as possible. In some instances within a few hours. We know circumstances may arise that, you may need our help right away, and we will be here to support you in your journey to find the perfect catch. Depending on your membership, texts are included as support with our chief matchmaker. Additional packages are available upon request.
  • Contact us for a complimentary consult and we will answer your questions. You may Schedule It On-line, pick an available time slot and fill in your details and you’re on your way to changing your life! You will Call Us on the scheduled date and time. We are on Central Daylight Time in USA for all complimentary consults via phone or Skype.

Add Matches By Design to your life!  What are you waiting for? Get Started and Find Your Match.

Please fill this form out in its entirety. We recommend completing the form when you have access to your computer, as some users have experienced problems on some mobile devices. You can upload 1 – 6 photos. We prefer three with all photos of you only with no sunglasses, and with one being a full body shot. Please make sure all photos are taken within the last Six months. (The following file types only are allowed: .jpeg, gif, .tiff, or .png.) The more information you provide, the better we can serve you and properly screen and select your potential introductions! By completing this form, I agree to abide by the Terms of Use for Services, and certify all information I supply in this application to be True to the best of my knowledge. Confirmation of your successful submission will be displayed immediately in your browser. Thanks for your confidence in choosing us to find your partner! We are eager to serve you. Our Matchmaker will contact you shortly once we have processed your application.






































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What is your exit strategy if you find yourself in a relationship that is not right for you? Describe.