How to Get a First Date

How to Get a First date

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It begins with a positive attitude because in the dating world, you will experience many rejections, however, it is possible to have a true relationship if you work at it. The first date with an on-line friend can be bit nerve racking. First of all, its a good idea to plan a first date in a public place. Plan a date for the daytime and it is usually a good idea to have very little alcohol involved.

You can suggest a date based on common interests that attracted you in the first place. Leave the first date open because not everyone will have a connection with you. You need to be prepared for both success and failure.

Dating etiquette includes not interrogating the other person or make them feel they are being interviewed. Share some things about yourself and then ask powerful questions that address the things you feel are important for your ideal relationship to be successful. It is common for people on a date to ask many questions in an attempt to get to know the other person. However, do not make them feel as if they are on an interview or you might scare them off. Be sure to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Tips To Help You Along The Journey To That Big Date:

  • Set an early date for that big day.
  • Choose a less formal venue
  • For the first date choose a casual venue where you would feel comfortable and will have fun.
  • Lunch time for the first time.
  • To all those who are having a get to know each other date, it is advisable to have an early date. Plan evening dates after the first date.
  • Think more of the person not the place.
  • The venue, food or clothes you will wear, are just secondary and should not stress you. Informal, or dress business casual is best.
  • Choose a venue that is less formal but it should nice. not be scruffy.
  • Your wealth is not the topic.

Gear the conversation around fun and light hearted things, don’t brag, about what you have. Humility will surely be a ticket to more dates.

Your Attitude Counts

When it comes to seducing a woman, attitude plays a very big role in how successful, or unsuccessful you are. If you have a positive attitude you are more likely to attract women easier than someone with a negative attitude. Being positive and upbeat shows in nearly everything you do. Women are much more likely to choose the positive, upbeat guys.

A positive attitude reflects confidence and self-respect. And, they are vital qualities. A positive attitude directly affects how other people perceive you.  Have you ever had a friend or co-worker who was always down or pessimistic? Chances are its happened to all of us. So remember, if for no other reason than to not be a dark cloud hanging over everyone, try your best to be positive and have a good attitude.

In trying to make a good impression on a woman, you should radiate the same kind of feelings you hope to receive. If you are not giving off positive vibes others will most likely steer clear of you.

The bottom line is, women like men, who are stable. It simply means that if you have a poor attitude, this is a red flag to women. Remember, women are looking for an equal partner to meet them halfway; so both end up in a 100%/100% relationship. What are you waiting for? Change your love life, start today!

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