Shirl Hooper

Founder, Ceo

Shirl Hooper, Chief Matchmaker, Email: Shirl is a Certified Matchmaker, Singles Relationship & Life Coach. As a published romance author, Shirl has a passion for love and relationships, and helping others find love. She interviews, vets, and directs intake and on-boarding of new clients and members alike for our matchmaking and dating agency.

Cheryl Wheeler

Transformational Life Coach

Cheryl Wheeler, MA, Transformational Life Coach, Email: Cheryl believes there are infinite possibilities in emotional healing and life satisfaction. Consider working with her to increase your success in relationships. Release Emotions and Behaviors that no longer serve a purpose, such as: Anger/Anxiety, Depression, Betrayal, Narcissism, Abandonment, Fear/Stress, Childhood Wounds, Pornography, Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Infidelity & Trauma/PTSD. Increase and Improve Positive Relationship Skills in Communication, Intimacy, Life Balance, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Forgiveness, Honesty, Time-Management, Sexual Self-Esteem, Respect, Financial Health, & Lovability. Transform Frustration into Life Satisfaction. All sessions are individualized to your specific goal outcomes. Trained as a *counselor – psychotherapist, all services provided as Transformational Life Coach. Online HIPAA approved teleconference sessions, secure, confidential and never recorded.

Carol Hooper

Administrative Assistant

Carol Hooper, Administrative Assistant, Email: Carol is administrative assistant and deals with welcoming and communicating with new clients and members. She handles date setups, feedback, and assists Shirl in administrative tasks in matchmaking and coaching to insure a smoother process. Carol’s a people person and very approachable as she enjoys helping others. This makes her a real asset to our office.