Girl’s Night Out

Girls Night Out at The Crescent Moon

Girl’s Night Out at The Crescent Moon, The Woodlands, TX — Live Music by a memorable band. Everyone should visit The Crescent Moon, this group is truly worth your time. The dancing is fun and the band loves to interact with the audience. A myriad of magical delight is offered in these videos of our Girl’s Night Out at The Crescent Moon, The Woodlands, TX. The Band is jncredible! We’ve never had so much fun in our lives! Both Singers Leslie Lugo & Leslie Michael blended so well, and sang a collage of Aretha Franklin, The Platters, and 50’s Music. Their voices are on the scale of entertainers Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and The Platters.  You really have to go and see them for yourselves! We have the night life right here in The Woodlands, no need to travel to Houston to find it. A hearty Two Thumbs Up!

shirl_carolVisit the links below to view the Videos of Girl’s Night Out At The Crescent Moon we filmed Friday. [youtube_channel playlist= resource=0 cache=0 fetch=10 num=10 ratio=1 responsive=1 width=306 display=thumbnail autoplay=1 norel=1 nobrand=1 showtitle=none desclen=0 noanno=1 noinfo=1 link_to=none goto_txt=”Visit our YouTube channel”]

Shirl with Band at The Crescent MoonBand at The Crescent MoonCarol at The Crescent Moon

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