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Hello Guys,

We’ve all been there. You’ve seen her. Beautiful, lash-framed eyes, kissable lips, gorgeous hair, sun-kissed shoulders and long legs… and well, she expresses herself well. So, you agree on a time for a first meeting. You get there early, and in she walks. You wave at her, stand to greet her, and she joins you. What a fragrant beauty…

Then the bubble BURSTS when she opens her mouth. STOP. EVERYTHING.

Crass, loud, obviously intelligent, but overwhelming. Before long your eyes glaze over as you count the minutes until you can leave.

Aren’t you bone-tired of online dating?  Either she looks nothing like her picture, or the picture is accurate but camouflages her offensive personality.

How many frogs do you have to kiss to find the Queen of your Heart??

Where do you find a woman you can enjoy …and eventually introduce to your family? Someone who will make you look good, and can handle herself socially?

How do you find the lady you can be aligned with? Who is a friend and partner in life… who keeps YOU on YOUR toes?

The answer just may be in chemistry, my friend. 

Matches By Design Channel on Roku.

Just because someone looks good to you on paper – or an internet profile – doesn’t mean there’s an attraction or actual chemistry between you. That special essence that’s hard to describe but is thrilling, and makes your heart race when you’re with her.

Where every time you see her she becomes more beautiful, more engaging, more exciting…

What you see in an online profile speaks to your logical mind or baser instincts, buddy, not your heart.

Or maybe it’s just the photo you notice…which speaks to your lustful eyes. Which is all well and good, but this is no way to meet your life mate.

We live in a fast-paced world. Despite this, love has its own time frame. There’s NO Quick Fix for True Love.

Chemistry can’t be conveyed online. It can only happen face-to-face over quality time spent together in different settings.

Once you meet someone with whom you have chemistry, THEN you can scrutinize the logic and lust.

So where do you find that chemistry?  How do you meet a suitable woman and start on the right foot?

Dating just to have fun is one thing, and everybody does it. But think about it:

What do you want in life?  A never ending string of girlfriends?   

Or is it a mate? A life partner? Someone you can trust above all others. Someone who’s always in your corner…? Maybe even children you can nurture and watch grow?

Take Jack. Jack built a multi-million dollar consulting firm and had the house, the car, the vacations … but he was tired of online dating, screening, investing a few years each time he met someone he liked only to realize they weren’t really suited to one another. Not really.

Jack had healthy relationships with his family, and it would ruin his life to end up with someone who was abrasive to them. He wanted someone who challenged him, but was also aligned with him. Not a girl Friday or “yes ma’am” but someone who respected others and their feelings while also knowing her own mind and speaking it.

Lately it seemed, all he did was grumble about the fiascos of online dating. One day over a beer his best friend suggested he try something different.

“Jack,” he said. “You’ve accomplished so much, man. You didn’t get here by complaining. You used a fair amount of creativity and resolve to build your company. You can do that again for this problem. What are you missing..?”

He thought about it for a moment, and realized his friend was right. He tossed the laptop and made a few calls.

Because Jack got to thinking and realized he’d never have gotten anywhere if he’d run his business like he was running his love life.

Jack learned early on that the strongest way to build his company was to hire people who knew more than he did in their area of specialty.  He learned that being the smartest guy in the company meant that every link, every interface, was only strong if he covered it himself.

He had a mentor who told him, “When you have a board meeting, never ever be the smartest guy in the room.” 

So Jack went to work replacing his team leaders with guys who were highly specialized in their particular area of the company, and taught him much he didn’t know. He learned that when those guys were at the helm of their departments, he could go on vacation and enjoy
himself, because every cog and wheel didn’t have to be run by himself.

And this turned his firm around. And now, he realized, he needed to turn his love life around.  He needed to find an expert for the department of his heart.

Sounded hokey when he said it to himself, but he knew this was the answer.

So he set out to find someone who was at the top of the love and relationship field.

And he found out they’re called matchmakers…

Well … You need a matchmaker, too. Just like Jack.

An expert who can learn what makes you tick, then set out to find your match.

That’s what we do at Matches By Design.  Just as you’re an expert in your field, so are we in ours.

No one can cover all the bases in life alone. We all have so much to manage in our lives. Somebody probably cleans your place, so you can enjoy it during those coveted times when you’re not working.

Someone probably keeps your landscaping at its best….

Well, you also need someone who’ll screen women to set you up with
someone of quality, on your level, and with a heart and values like yours. Someone carefully curated  just for you.

We want you to find a great life partner. Not someone who’s perfect. None of us are, right? But we want you to have the loving life partner who’s perfect for you.

We want to help you find her.

So here’s the deal.

The fact that you’ve read this far says to me you really want to find her. You’ve also realized you won’t find her in the endless search of online profiles. For the love of your life, the one who’s your hand-in-glove fit, the investment will more than pay for itself.

This investment will determine your happiness for a lifetime.

Because remember, you’ll know her by the chemistry.

You need an expert in this field to find her and introduce her to you.

Matches By Design is focused on finding the best fit for your heart, lifestyle, and personality. You already have your hands full. Let the expert take over the matchmaking, the scheduling, the whole process of finding the lady who makes your heart sing, and help you prepare to meet her.

All you have to do is show up! Find out for yourself if there’s an attraction, and if she’s a keeper! 

So…close your laptop and step away from the online dating sites.  That’s right…and delete those apps from your phone.

We’ll thoroughly explore who you are and what makes your heart sing. Then we’ll go to work finding that special lady who fits like an exquisitely hand-made glove.

We vet the women who join our organization – for character, financial stability, and personality. We learn
about their interests, so we can find that lady with interests you both share who is your peer, your equal, and who can be your partner in life.

Are you attracted to foreign women?  Is it the accent or maybe the
exotic beauty? Leave it to us.

We know what we’re doing. This IS what we do every day! You must be willing to trust us, as you’ll be sharing some private, personal information. But be assured: All information is kept strictly confidential.

And…if you’ve been working long and hard and you’ve lost touch, perhaps, with your image?  No worries. 
We’re here to help with your style, coaching your approach to women, we’ll even help you shop if you like. Our services cover all things re: love, dating, and relationships.

Because we want you to find Happiness with the Love of Your Life.

Here’s some more great news! Matches By Design NOW has their OWN TV Channel on Roku. You can view all their videos right on the TV from the comfort of your home. And the Channel is broadcast globally.

Are you ready for a new adventure?  One that will last a lifetime?  It’s as close as your phone.

But keep this in mind.

You do have to be approved.

When you fill out your application, we’ll speak with you and determine whether we can help you. Then, we’ll let you know whether you’ve been approved for this life-changing service. We’re good at what we do. But we can’t help everyone.

The reason is that we respect and want to protect our ladies, too.

Are you a kind, self-aware, emotionally available man with a reasonable emotional intelligence (EQ) quotient?  Do you know the basics of conflict resolution and letting love reign in your relationship?  If so, don’t worry, you’ll do great.

If not, then we can talk about relationship coaching to help you prepare for this most important life decision.

Don’t delay a moment longer. Let’s begin the adventure.

So it’s time to make a decision, and I’m going to make it a little easier for you.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone again.

You know, it’s too late for you to have that Valentine’s dinner with The One. At least, it’s too late this year.

But if you start today to seriously search and find her, and spend the rest of the year nurturing your budding relationship, by Valentine’s Day 2021 you’ll have a real love to celebrate!

Because…and here’s the thing:

If you do nothing different, then Valentine’s Day 2021 will be no different that Valentine’s Day 2020 or 2019… You know that, right?

So here’s what you do.

Click and scroll to fill out the form.

Please fill the form out thoughtfully, because the detail you provide will empower our Matchmaker to find the woman best suited to you.

We’re excited to meet you, and get to work introducing you to the one who’ll be your love …and trusted friend.

Click here and scroll now to fill out form.

Shirl Hooper

Matches By Design, LLC

PS. Don’t put this off, do it NOW.  Fill out the form.  You know how busy you are…and you’ll forget. And this ‘to-do’ will land in a pile of good intentions that are paving the road to somewhere…  You know you want to make a REAL change. Follow the link and fill it out!

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