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Our History

Find the deep faithful love men and women desire above all other things. We love playing Cupid, and giving people what they want to be happy. There is no greater gift in life than love. Given this, Matchmaking is one of the oldest professions and history indicates Internet dating is the modern day version of the first matrimonial agencies of the 1700s. Personal ads became relatively acceptable by the mid to late 1990s.

Our company was founded in 2016 by Shirl Hooper, a well known high profile professional matchmaker in The Woodlands, Texas area. Today our users are spread across the United States. A large percentage of the total number of users across the globe utilize on-line dating sites. The difference between the personal ads of the previous centuries and today is the age of those using internet dating. The core demographic of those publicly looking for love has been turned on its ear, with people settling down and marrying much later in Western cultures.

We know there’s a big difference between meeting other singles and meeting the Right One. If you prefer a more targeted approach and to forgo the guess work involved with on-line dating and want to meet face-to-face, in real time, our Matchmaking Agency has multiple options for young people and those forty and over.  For more information check our FAQs, Our 123 Process, and Terms of Use. Learn more about the history of our company as featured in Dating Advice and Voyage Houston Magazine. If you are ready to learn more about enlisting our services, click the link below.

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Here, at Matches By Design, we create simple, effective strategies that connect people with a catch and a keeper.

 Why Should You Should Become A Client?

Matches By Design®

Mission & Values

(We want you to feel secure and to trust we will always protect your privacy.)

Matches By Design, LLC is a full service Houston, Texas based Matchmaking, Dating and Life Coaching firm that specializes in helping single professionals to find a committed, long term relationship. We have the unique ability to search and present high quality singles to our clients through private and confidential introductions. We utilize the Executive Search Model. Matches By Design offers unparalleled service with a commitment to excellence. Our authenticity, passion and dedication to the unique mix helps singles to find and hold on to the love of their lives.

Code Of Ethics

We treat our clients, employees and vendors with the utmost confidentiality, dignity and respect. We take pride In our business, believe we can deliver what we promise extraordinarily well, and have fun doing it.  Four major responsibilities of an organization’s successful consumer relations, are service, advocacy, teaching and leadership. The three P’s of successful consumer education are philosophy, priority, and performance. Our transformational leadership fosters decision making at the consumer-staff level of interaction.

In addition, we are in agreement and uphold the 2014 copyrighted ICA Matchmakers Code of Ethics, which states, “As Professional Matchmakers, we recognize the importance of integrity, credibility, trustworthiness and confidentiality in our business and within the industry. We demonstrate commitment and fairness in all our business dealings, upholding the highest ethical standards with all clients, regardless of circumstances. In the event our business interests conflict with the best interest of the client, we will always choose in favor of the client.”

Our Advantages


Our membership means that you will have a range of people to improve your chances for the best match, and, of course, you will be selected by people wishing to meet you.


Each one of our members has decided to take control of life. They are serious about finding a relationship and bold enough to try something different.


Join our Matchmaking Agency with total peace of mind that all personal details and communications will be kept private.


What’s New?

Every day is a new match on our website.

Share Your Success Story.

Share your matching experience.

Although we encourage our clients to share their success stories, many choose to maintain their privacy. We hope you will choose to share your good fortune with others who are in search of love. To read our testimonials, click on the link below.

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Meet the Team

Matches By Design’s Team is passionate about our brand of love and relationships. We provide clients 24/7 support though out the dating process. We are happy to introduce you to our devoted team.

Shirl Hooper,Chief Matchmaker

Shirl Hooper - Matches By Design®

Carol Hooper, Administrative Assistant

Carol Hooper - Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Wheeler, Transformational Life Coach

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