Why Is Dating More Difficult For Some?

Guys: When it comes to dating, the reason some people find dating more difficult is due to self limiting beliefs. Your best thinking has landed you exactly where you are. In addition, self limiting beliefs perpetuate dating down, staying in a bad relationship, and this promotes inactivity. These self limiting beliefs are inaccurate interpretations of life’s events.

This is why you need to put yourself out there. Experience dating different people. Move outside your comfort zone. Dating helps uncover self limiting beliefs. Inactivity prevents you from walking through open doors. Pay attention to your emotionally driven inner dialogue. Words are a window to your self limiting beliefs.

Three self limiting beliefs:
1.) negative thoughts
2.) distorted thoughts – “women are all the same”
3.) judgmental thoughts – “women do not respond to me”

The most prevalent of ALL Self Limiting Beliefs, is the fear of rejection. Thinking creates anxiety. Action cures it. Use the 3 second rule in your dating life when faced with a decision. Don’t take longer, you’ll overthink, and wind up doing nothing.

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