Why Are You Single?

Why Are You Single?

Why Are You Single?

When it comes to being single, have you given much thought as to why?  Sometimes we’re our own, greatest obstacle to overcome, in finding true love. You may not realize the mistakes you’re making. This is where a professional can help. 

What are some common reasons people remain single? 1. Dating pessimism. 2. Listening to the advice of others, who are unqualified. 3. Your explanation of what happened during a date.

What are some examples of common mistakes most people make in dating? And, how many mistakes do you allow before you cut someone loose?

Most Common Mistakes: 1. Lying.  2. Being Late.  3. Taking calls at the table.

Tips to Get the Relationship You Want.

  1. a). Be sure of what you want. b). Decide if you’re really into a person. c). Trust your inner voice.
  2. Communicate your needs. Focus on what you want. Focus on the big picture, and take action. Speak respectfully and discuss ways this may be accomplished. Prepare possible solutions in advance. Balance the conversation. Don’t monopolize it. Ask questions, and then listen to the other person’s input. Let them ask questions as well.
  3. Get out of your own way!


If you can do this, you will experience fulfillment. This is a feeling of sheer joy and abundance.  A  good sign that you’re on the right path.

What do you want from your dating life?

Balance the Yin and Yang Polarity. Seek complimentary energy.

You Get More with a Twelve Month Subscription

We offer several dating packages. You may review them by visiting our FAQs page. Many times, we find clients are not “Date Ready.” Preparation may include the services of a dating coach, image consultant, or singles relationship coach. Whatever your needs may be, we have the right package, or will design one especially for you. We suggest visiting a Guided Tour of our website to navigate and learn available options and services.




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