Making Up and Moving On

Making up and moving on.


Making Up and Moving On

In today’s world, relationships are work, they can be complicated, and require an investment of time for them to be successful. Sometimes it is best to know, when it’s time to move on.

Tips to Make Up and Move on:

  1. Agree to not see one another or communicate for minimally 30 days.
  2. De-clutter your life. Do not keep reminders around of your ex.
  3. Settle financial issues immediately.
  4. Seek counseling if necessary.
  5. Avoid frequented places with ex.
  6. Eliminate all negativity from your life.
  7. Focus on your positive traits and work on your weaknesses.
  8. Don’t chase your ex.
  9. Learn from your mistakes. If you broke up, it was for a reason. Forget and move on.

There Are No Limits to Define Your Dating Style.

Roll your shoulders back, and hold your head up high. Confidence speaks for itself. To recover after a breakup, take ballroom dancing, do a dating detox program, do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do, but work on becoming a better you. Become the person you seek as a partner.

Depending on the dating package or membership you choose, you will receive the help of a professional to overcome the self-limiting beliefs holding you back.  You deserve a loving partner who will appreciate your uniqueness.


You Get More with A Twelve Month Subscription

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