Get Love Interest Excited on the First Date

Get a Love Interest Excited on the First Date

Get a Love Interest Excited On the First Date — Dating Service

On-line dating can be beneficial but without a good connection in real life, you cannot move forward to something with lasting potential.  Many are concerned about moving from on-line dating to dating in real life.  It can be very dangerous.  On-line daters also worry about the other person not being totally honest about themselves.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Misrepresentation is never a good idea. This may be anything from posting a photo of yourself from a decade ago, to lying about your height or weight. The best thing that you can do is simply give it your best shot.  In the dating world, you will experience many failures but it is possible to have a good and true relationship if you work at it. A first date with an online friend can be nerve wracking so it’s best if you can get the other person excited about meeting you. And the first step is simply being honest about who you really are. Eventually the truth comes out, and any deception can and most likely will dissolve all you have worked so hard to gain in making the relationship work.

Planning The Date

It’s a good idea to plan a first date that will take place in a public place. Perhaps in a restaurant or coffee shop. Plan a date for daytime hours and it is usually a good idea to have minimal alcohol intake.  If you are still uncertain about meeting for security reasons, you might suggest a group date where each of you bring a few different friends.

First Date Ideas

A few ideas that you can use for a first date might include a meal at a good restaurant or go to the movies.  However when you are eating or watching a film it is difficult to get to now another person.  You can suggest a date based on common interests that attracted you to the other person initially. For example if you both enjoy sports, you can go to a baseball game or plan a play golf date.  If you enjoy outdoor adventures you can plan a first date based around rock-climbing.  For quieter dates, you can meet at a coffee house or attend a soft music concert.


The important thing to remember about a date is to make sure that each person is comfortable.  If you are both having a bad time, it is not inappropriate to end the date early.  However if you both are having a great time, you may want to extend the date to another activity after the first date.  Leave the first date open because not everyone will have a connection with you.  Prepare yourself for both success and failure.  Get Date Ready!

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