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Ahoy!Ahoy! Looking for Sexy, Smart, and Successful? - Dating Service

Busy? You really should try a Dating Service.


Dating Service

A fresh start is possible in your love life. Find a balance between both romance and friendship as a foundation of your intimate partnership. It is crucial to have a strong level of pleasure, fun and sexual fulfillment in your romantic relationship as that is the spark that keeps one engaged and satisfied in a relationship. It is equally important however to have friendship a component of your relationship, as it is necessary to have mental compatibility with your lover as well as an emotional or passionate one. This allows your connection with your partner to be one that brings you close to what you aspire to in your life and vice versa.

 Tips to Remember On A First Date

What are some good tips to keep in mind for a first date you may ask? A relaxed atmosphere with well-chosen first date questions is a good idea. Exercise patience and listen. Take your time in learning about the other person, as in peeling an onion. One layer at a time. Genuine interest goes a long way.

Eight Good First Date Questions:

  1. Where did you grow up, and what was your family like?
  2. What makes you laugh most?
  3. What’s your big passion?
  4. What are you looking for in a relationship?
  5. Is there something you’re working toward right now?
  6. What do your Saturdays usually look like?
  7. Who are the most important people in your life?
  8. What’s your dream?

Avoid First Date Subjects Such As:

  • Talking about ex’s
  • Talk of your affluence
  • Light on life history
  • Pushing your own agenda
  • Details of your job
  • Health problems
  • Talking about others you’re dating

Reasons He May Never Call You Again:

  • He’s Emotionally Unavailable
  • A Player
  • Pretense of a Good time
  • He likes you, but he doesn’t really like you – Dating is a process for finding a person with whom you want to have an emotional and sexual relationship.

Four Common Mistakes Women Make in Dating:

  • Talking about long term commitment too soon
  • Venting your past relationship baggage
  • Conducting an interview on the first date
  • Being ungrateful and unappreciative – it takes careful consideration to orchestrate a nice evening. Show gratitude for the effort. The words “Thank You” go a long way. Ladies for a better outcome to your first date be nice, kind, thoughtful, and considerate.

What Men Want:

Support, admiration, humor, sociability, and freedom.

What Determines Compatibility?  

  • Common Interests
  • Similar Values and Belief Systems
  • Cohesive Relationship goals
  • Ways you relate to other people in your life
  • Time management preferences

Non-negotiables are areas you are unwilling to budge at all in your consideration of compatibility.

Semi-negotiables are areas you are willing to budge somewhat perhaps with someone who views the world in the same way as you do, in your consideration of compatibility with a potential love interest.

Negotiables – What are your similarities? Differences? Are there items on that list that, don’t seem to be “do or die” issues? Answering these questions helps to determine how much you really have in common. Given this, you’ll better equipped to decide, together, how important those differences between you are. You may find out that you have much more in common than you realized.

What Are The Obstacles Preventing Your Dating Success?

  • Expectations too high?
  • External factors: Age, location, profession, and faith are just a few of the external factors that single people must contend with. These are the kinds of limiting factors that are hard to change.
  • Past dating experiences painted you in a corner?
  • Must Haves list too long?
  • Value the wrong things? Women often use a man’s job to estimate his value. Men fall victim to the same kinds of mistakes, valuing physical beauty to the exclusion of other traits. It has been our experience that the person who is perfect for you is unlike what you perceive to be your type. Make your judgments based on real interaction, not assumptions and speculation.

Tips To Remember On A First Date:

  • People love normal.
  • Key Ingredient is Confidence.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Contain Your Fear of Failure.

Most likely, everyone has adjustments to make. They may be small or large, but if you can take the time to identify what is holding you back and boldly move to correct it you’ll see a dramatic change in your dating experience. If your love life needs a reboot, let’s change that now.

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