Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaints

Dating Services Consumer Complaints

There are some dating services consumer complaints that may arise at times.

However let us just say that some people tend to be picky, meticulous, and demanding. Some complaints are petty things while some are grave. It all depends on the features the dating services cater to and the individuals enrolled in their services.

The dangers of online dating services are often grabbed by individuals who seek to meet up with for the sole purposes of a thrilling sexual or romantic encounter.

Given, these online dating services conducted are often a ripe medium for the promotion of matchmaking which perks the availability of prostitution, harassment, and fraud.

For someone to sign up for a dating services website, personal details such as gender, age, location, physical features, and many others are required.  Since your communication occurs through email, chat, message boards,  pod casts, or telephone, there is the very good chance of faking your identity. Who knows how many of the members are doing this?  Thus, authenticity is lost by all means.

Some of the most common consumer complaints concerning on-line dating services are often charged with problems most often in regard to the payment schemes.

Some of these websites are frauds. They tempt a potential customer with interesting teasers in which you’re enticed to sign up without realizing the motive behind. Usually, customers fail to preview the profiles uploaded on the website.


Another well known complaint by many customers concerning the dating services are the very interesting and attractive profiles which serve as bait to potential new members, who would sign up and be willing to pay. Likewise, there are those websites which use the dating services flagship as a front but when you sign up for those, you get directed to other websites that involve scams, prostitution, and marketing strategies.

Then of course, there is the billing complaint.

This stands out as the most common consumer complaint against on-line dating services. Trial memberships are often interesting for dating services members. Most common among the users of the Internet, they are happy to take a chance on a trial membership of a website. Some of these sites also offer low priced trials, as well. Most often, the full amount of the membership fee gets deducted from your credit card account.

Avoiding the Dangers

There are however, Internet dating services administrators that are committed to serving the best interest of their clients. They monitor the activities and behavioral actions of their participants. There are people who manage and track down the common consumer complaints, set regulations, and ban the people who violate any of their regulations.


It is important that you be very careful with your home address and other personal and account details. Taking these precautions work for the best. There are always white lies involved in the Internet dating services. You must be careful as you expose yourself to these opportunists. Consumer complaints on dating services continue to escalate as time goes by. Why subject yourself as a pawn to it? Be wary.  And, be alert at all times.

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