Paying Attention To Your Woman

Paying Attention to the woman in your life

Paying Attention To The Woman In Your Life

Communication is such an important factor in all relationships, business and personal alike.

What is communication, after all? It is the two-way interaction that occurs, both verbally and non-verbally. What is said with actions is as important, if not more so, than what is said with words. But we will focus our attention on the importance of verbal communication and what it will mean for your relationship. Keep in mind that when we talk about how things affect your relationship, we are mainly concerned with your success in the realm of seduction.

Communication with words is something we all do on a daily basis.

But, just as you’re asked to give an impromptu speech, being asked to communicate in a particular situation just makes many of you cringe, lock up, and find yourself at a loss for words. Why? Mainly because when you have to think about what to say, you suddenly become concerned about what you’re saying. But if you just let it happen without any expectations, everything works out better.

Think of your past relationships and where the communication failed.

Was it something you said in a particular conversation that you later came to regret? Or was it something she said that you either treated as unimportant or simply didn’t hear at all? Or could it have been a time when you should have said something to her, but didn’t, and the results were equally regrettable? Surely all of these have happened to everyone at one time or another. The trick is, do not let past failures define how you communicate now, or in the future.

Talking is something we all think about when we hear the word communication. Unfortunately, the first thought that comes to mind is the wrong one.  If you’re looking for a good relationship with the potential for romance talking will get you nowhere. When you talk, you’re expecting someone else to listen.

But what about the listener?

When does she get the chance to be heard?  That’s why it’s much better to change your view from one of simply talking, to one where you see communication as participating in a conversation.

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