On-line Dating and Scams

On-line Dating and Scams -- Professional Matchmaker Tips

On-line Dating and Scams — Professional Matchmaker Tips

With the growing prevalence of on-line dating, dating scams are popping up everywhere. Prepare for on-line dating by using common sense and reading up on on-line predators from time to time. Protect your time and money, stay current on the latest on-line scams. Keep your heart safe, as well.

People will frequently, pretend to be interested in your dating profile and attempt to scam you. Beware of anyone you just meet on-line, who wants to immediately meet in person. It should take a few weeks of on-line chat and phone calls before agreeing to meet.

When you move to meeting in person (face-to-face), do not leave your personal belongings alone with him or her at any time.

This is an easy way for them to steal your credit card or other personal information. You may not notice these things are missing for a few days. Exercise caution with people who send you links. Do not click on a link without first knowing what it is and never download any programs on your computer that other users send you or have in their profiles. These are often spy ware programs that can steal information from your computer like your passwords and credit card numbers.

The second type of on-line scam is by the on-line dating service. The problem is often the same. An on-line dating service that is not well known or, has only recently been established may steal your credit card number of other personal information for their use. These companies because they are on-line can quickly disappear without a trace. It may be a long time before your money is found, if at all. Read the terms and conditions before you sign up.  Make sure there is no clause that give them permission to sell your email address or use your personal information in any way.

Be concerned if an on-line dater should ask for help to cash money orders. 

On-line users have been scammed into cashing checks and wiring the money to a person who claims to be in another country unable to cash checks. The people will spend a lot of time devoted to gain your trust before they ask  you to cash any checks. The checks are usually washed which means that they were purchased for a small amount of money, and then altered. These people will eventually get caught. It’s impossible to prove that another person made the checks and you will be responsible for owing the bank.


The on-line scams have put a real strain on,  on-line dating but if you are smart, you should not have any problems. Protect yourself by not giving out too much personal information and by staying out of financial matters.  If this information has been helpful, please share this article with your friends, and be safe! Happy Dating!

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