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Learn To Date 101 – Professional Matchmaker

This a beginner guide with tips to improve  your dating experience. Deep down, we all want the same thing–someone who will truly love us for who we are. Chemistry is important, being able to talk to someone with ease–not having to force a conversation or try and ‘be’ who you think the other person wants.

In order for this to take place we must have a mindset of abundance. Abundance is not just money. Abundance is joy, laughter, energy, love for life, feeling good about what you’re doing, good health, and about what you love and value.

Self discovery can be an exciting time in your life. Everyone wants to find and keep the relationship of their dreams. A committed relationship is unique and complex.

People often repeat the same relationship mistakes again and again. They lack the knowledge and/or skill set to create a successful partnership. We are responsible and accountable for the success of all our relationships. This begins with our choice of a partner and how we choose to show up in the relationship.

Divorce rates are currently at 55%, and marriage rates are declining. Eight five percent of all common law relationships fail.

In order to bring a new level of connection to a relationship, clear your mind, of all judgments. Knowledge is power, so glean important information about compatibility with men early on. The key to discovering what your heart desires is to pay keen attention, slow down and enjoy the moment!  A strong and lasting impression is made when a man and woman first meet.

According to the U.S Census bureau statistics for 2012, there are 100 million singles in the United States alone over the age of 18. Hence, the singles market is alive and well! The potential of meeting that compatible partner has high probability with help. Dating and finding the right partner is a numbers game, and takes time.

Make no apologies for who you are and how you view the world. Men respect and admire women who stand firm on their own beliefs. Each person has a different picture in their mind about what a perfect relationship looks like.

Get in touch with what his picture is, and find some common ground. Don’t be afraid to tell a man what the perfect situation looks like for you. If you are honest and upfront, without making demands for what you want, a man will love and appreciate you for it. It’s okay to tell a man that his behavior doesn’t match what you want.

Love is a constant journey into your own psyche and shadow. Everyone wants appreciation, approval, and acknowledgment in a relationship.

Just finding a great guy can be tough enough. First you have to find and meet him. Attract him and then get to know him.  Make sure he’s worthy of your time. Last but not least, you must then work to keep the chemistry alive.

Success with men takes practice and learning. First of all, men are wired differently than women. From a young age men are taught that, to be socially successful, they must control and restrain their emotions. In essence both men and women are predisposed to interact, connect and respond in gender related ways.

Two of the most common stumbling blocks to bring more love into your life are:

  • First, the self-limiting beliefs in your head, the things you have learned to fear and worry about. This creates a small lens to view the world.
  • Second, the intense desire to have a relationship work out exactly the way you want. This is a form of perfectionism and control, which creates tunnel vision, clouding your ability to see things as they truly are, and make you lack the ability to recognize any opportunities. When men recognize that a woman is actively selecting and evaluating them, this sends a powerful message that, demonstrates you have ownership of your life and relationships.

Believing that men only want and are driven by sex is self-limiting to both your perception and understanding of who, a man is.

  • Men, just as women do, look for respect, acknowledgement, appreciation and approval in a relationship. They want to feel loved, significant and desirable just as women do.
  • Reality is, many men have not developed emotional maturity when it comes to women, dating and relationships. Going into a relationship with our eyes wide open enables one to make choices that are in alignment with our life goals.

Begin by making a commitment first, to yourself, to not engage in a sexual relationship with anyone you are dating for at least three months.

  • It is critical that singles remain non-exclusive and date more than one person until it has been determined there is a high level of compatibility.
  • Be the partner you seek. Be patient and discerning. Remember the danger of chemistry!

Learning to set realistic expectations in any relationship, can save time and grief. People will respect you more, and place value on what you have to say. By demonstrating to a man you are being selective, you communicate that, you’ll accept no less than what you deserve. That you respect yourself more than you need him.

The Right relationship is much more important than just having a relationship. You feel free to date other men, and you refuse to get hooked on a man because of your hormones. Be the Selector, have clear expectations, and follow through!

A man commits to a woman because of the way he feels about her. And, he likes the way he feels when he’s with her. Rather than worry about the future of a relationship, create a better moment.

If you want to meet men,

  • First, you will have to decide what kind of man you want.
  • Second, find out what’s attractive to him.
  • Three, go, where these men are likely to be, whether its special interest groups or seminars, singles events, parties, on-line dating, sports or special events.
  • Four, entice them to approach you.

Words alone are not enough. Action and behavior has to support the words or promises. Decide what matters most to make your dreams come true. Put yourself in that place and follow your inner star. Get the relationship you want! To Learn More…..




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