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Get the Relationship You Want - Professional Matchmaker

Get the Relationship You Want – Professional Matchmaker

Most people fall in love with the superficial attributes of another, rather than shared values, life goals and lifestyles, not to mention, the same relationship requirements and needs. This is the reason, it is so, important to be, cognizant of the Three Stages of Love.  Stage one is Lust, this is driven by sex hormones. Its what is called chemistry, which lacks rational thinking. This can lead one down the wrong path with the wrong person. Stage two is Attraction, a time you can think of little else, other than your mate. Alas is stage three, which is, Attachment, due to the body release of oxytocin – the bonding hormone. Awareness of the Three Stages of Love and the associated hormonal side effects, can help singles to balance their head and heart in their journey to find a soul mate, twin flame, partner or whatever term you prefer.

Self discovery can be an exciting time in your life. Everyone wants to find and keep the relationship of their dreams. A committed relationship is unique and complex. People often repeat the same relationship mistakes again and again. They lack the knowledge and/or skill set to create a successful partnership. We are responsible and accountable for the success of all our relationships. This begins with our choice of a partner and how we choose to show up in the relationship.

Going into a relationship with our eyes wide open enables one to make choices that are in alignment with our life goals. Begin by making a commitment first, to yourself, to not engage in a sexual relationship with anyone you are dating for at least three months. It is critical that singles remain non-exclusive and date more than one person until it has been determined there’s a high level of compatibility. Be the partner you seek.  Be patient and discerning. You have the right to be happy, and the right to Get the Relationship You Want, don’t settle for less!

The overwhelming majority of people have had little training in interpersonal skills. Let your own light shine. Thoughts affect feelings. Feelings affect behavior. Behavior produces action or the lack of it. How you think determines whether you will achieve your goals. Knowledge IS power! Your personal values are the essence of who you are; and they guide our life choices.

Relationship criteria embodies our minimal requirements for a satisfying relationship. In the Ideal Relationship both partners must have similar values and goals or life vision; and have their relationship criteria met. Requirements are non-negotiable traits of our relationship. Whereas a need is easily identified when it is, unmet. All relationships experience issues. The primary reason for relationship conflict is a lack of skills for conflict resolution.

During the attraction stage, you will be dating, and assessing those dates, to determine whether they have potential to become a great match for you. Simultaneously, you should assess your relationship skills and identify any that require improvement. In addition, you should develop strategies to screen and test potential partners based on your relationship core values.

The importance of being Ready to Date can not be stressed enough. Dating can be a wonderful experience that helps to discover partnership likes and dislikes, as well as your own values and needs. This enable singles to explore and practice relationship skills, how to communicate, and how to build intimacy and trust. On your journey to attract your Soul mate, remember:  You deserve an amazing love relationship. Change your dating history, Start Now!






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